Be it your daily yoga session, a quick weekend beach trip, or even just a picnic day out, our Serenity Yoga Waffle Towel is adventure-inspired. It is sand repellent and has an anti-slip technology due to its waffle weave grip, making it perfect for whatever is on the itinerary. 

It also features back-to-back designs. For days when you're feeling down, our Work in Progress Women print is there to remind you to trust and believe in yourself. When you're up for some reflection and mindful meditation, our Watch the Sun Rise is your best bet! 


Serenity Yoga Waffle Towel

    • Made from 15 recycled plastic bottles
    • 80 cm W x 183cm H (perfect for your yoga mat)
    • Waffle weave grip keeps you stable in any position
    • Double-sided print
    • Sand-repellent
    • Quick-Dry
    • Anti-slip technology
    • With a waterproof drawstring pouch


    from consumer waste to premium polyester fibers that make up our products — at inka, we are taking concrete steps in moving towards sustainability.

    our method of repurposing plastic bottles to clothing is certified through the Global Recycle Standard. 


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