The Esteem Hip Hugger’s design allows you to move freely in any direction, in any speed! It sits comfortably on your hip bone, and the thick waistband makes sure it doesn’t give you the uncomfortable feeling of digging into your skin during your workout. The hemline goes just below your butt cheek which offers both coverage (it makes sure you’re keeping your booty to yourself) and comfort (it doesn’t ride up, escaping the annoyance of having to pull it down at every movement). The crotch line is designed to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling of a *wedgie*, assuring you of a workout session that’s all hustle, no hassle.


You can have your hip hugger in our signature prints Memphis Movement or Girl Gang.


We’ve also added a reversible design option, combining our plains Caribbean Blue and Flamingo Pink. This ESTEEM REVERSIBLE Hip Hugger has been upgraded to have a longer hemline and a higher waistband for those who wish for more coverage


SKU: 0006
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