The etymology of the brand’s name stems from the founder’s style, favoring tribal/Incan vibe and playful colors. ‘Atletika,’ of course, is a play on the word ‘athletic.’ It comes as a bonus that the word ‘INKA’ denotes being feminine and free-spirited which also embodies her style and her brand’s overall feel.


inka atletika is the brainchild of athlete, designer, and entrepreneur Andrea ‘Andeng’ Belludo. It marries all of her passions together; designing activewear and swimwear, wellness, and sports. She has been designing and making her own garments for a while, with the use of her portable Singer Heavy Duty 4432 sewing machine at home.


She moved to Manila from Lipa Batangas to pursue her degree in Clothing Technology at UP Diliman. At the back of her mind, she knew she wanted to create her own label, but only recently pursued this dream when her own designs started catching the eyes of people she met at the gym and within other sports communities — Swimming, Ultimate Frisbee, and Surfing. She felt that the time has come for her own brand to be born and take flight.