Purpose Driven. Adventure Inspired. Empowering. Active.

Here at inka, we acknowledge that every woman is unique in her beauty, personality, and level of ability. We are on a mission to empower all women to embrace themselves, flaws and all, and live out their dreams through sustainable fashion. 

We believe that taking care of oneself includes taking care of the world around us — our fellow women, and mother nature. Through our conscious clothing line, we aim to encourage women to be active and feel good while doing good. We want to build a community where women will motivate and push each other to be the best version of themselves. 

#inkaReady is a campaign that our brand stands for. We want every woman to realize that she's a beautiful work in progress who is out to break barriers and make a change. 



Aiming to empower women through sustainable fashion, inka atletika is a proudly-Filipino and conscious activewear brand that offers adventure-inspired and purpose-driven collections. 

Our products are designed to be multi-purpose because we want to encourage slow fashion and re-wearing of pieces. We design our clothes to last and to withstand time in an effort to reduce landfill waste. 

We've always believed that it is in our hands to make a change and we're starting that now.