Women come in different shapes, sizes, and level of abilities. Here at INKA, we are on a mission to empower them to live their dreams and make them confident and comfortable about themselves.


We aim to encourage women to be active and fit and feel great while working out or by just doing what they love. We want to build a community where women will motivate and push each other towards the same goal — being better and beating their barriers.


The point of being #INKAReady is to make women realize that she’s a woman and she’s doing something to be the best version of herself.


Aiming to clothe women empowerment across various aspects of life, INKA ATLETIKA is a proudly-Filipino active swimwear brand that offers adventure-inspired, and purpose-driven fashion that serves the purpose of being a sports bra and a bikini at the same time.


Our products emphasize the brand’s handle of ‘from gym to swim’ offering the market the efficiency of a dual-purpose gear because we truly understand that sports bras are not just something you workout in, that it should also be a reflection of your unique personality. This has also inspired us to start making a change by being open to the idea of re-wearing pieces to reduce landfill waste.

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