Here at INKA, we want to do right by the people who produce our clothing by showing and crediting our wonderful and skilled women who help us bring our ideas to life. INKA's aim is to clothe women empowerment across various aspects of life, including those who make our garments. #whomademyclothes

Every inka piece was designed (styles and prints) and manually patterned by inka's founder, Andeng Belludo.


The production team was lead by Ate Rowena (rightmost), hand cut and marked by Ate Joyce (leftmost), sewn by Ate Rowena, Ate Marissa (3rd from the left), and Merry Grace (2nd from the left).

Quality inspection was lead by Ate Elaine (lady wearing blue shirt). Full sublimation printing was done by Kuya Charlie (not in photo). 


In every piece bought, we have included a little tag that shows the names of the people behind the production of our garments. It is our simple way of crediting the skilled workers who make our clothes, and for you to feel a sense of connection with the hands that created your piece.


Know more about our producers -- check out our Behind The Seams' story highlights @inka.atletika.


The reusable masks that you've purchased from us were made in Quezon City, Philippines by Ate Liza. In choosing our masks, you are supporting garment workers like Ate Liza who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.